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August 21, 2009


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With friends like that...


Interesting comments. What I feel is that everything related to national policies in the US is seen as a zero sum game. Hardly anyone cares about the actual policy making as long as they "win", or in fact more frequently, "the others lose". So, in fact to pass health insurance reform, Obama needs progressives like Krugman to continue crying bloody murder. As long as they are unhappy, everyone will hail Obama as a bipartisan leader, who had the guts to oppose his "stupid" base (somehow republicans are never supposed to oppose their base, rather their every action is dependent on placating theirs.. I digress) and even some conservatives might sign on to a compromise. All they care about is that liberals lose. No one cares about whether the status quo is sustainable or the right policy is being made.


Poor Paul Krugman still hasn't accepted that his candidate lost in the Democratic Party primaries last year. It would be nice if he were to use his undoubted intelligence in service of something other than his spleen.


Krugman makes a valid point when he says that there's a point where 'realism shades over into weakness.' I'd say that when your chief negotiating partner (in this case Senator Grassley) is on record saying that he will not in all likelihood support the deal he himself is brokering since the subject under negotiation is a non-starter, then to continue pinning your hopes on striking a deal with the other side is to shade into weakness.

If the congressional Repbulicans were acting responsibly then Obama's tactic would make sense. They are not and he looks weak. I expect we will see an adjustment to his approach come September.


Baucus asked for a 9/15 deadline and got it. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to that. Krugman and the Progressives he writes about are partisan and resent the President even acknowledging a Rep. Krugman has 2 yrs. worth of anti-Obama columns to prove his bias. The President owes him nothing. He has never supported Obama.

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