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June 07, 2009


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Reminiscent of that other great Presidential achiever (and great socialist), LBJ, who got a large amount of legislation through Congress not only because his term followed JFK's assassination, but because he worked the phones to Congress.


Ha. Yes, Obama is constantly compared to certain predecessors, usually Kennedy, FDR, Reagan...but LBJ, not so much. However that is exactly who springs to mind, as you say Peter, when you read Bai's account of how he works the Hill.

Tom Grey

Thanks for a great post about getting things done, like the huge Porkulus bill, and like much of his economic / big gov't first policies. I think Obama's economic strategy is fundamentally terrible, so it's frightening to seem him work so hard and successfully at getting it implemented -- 'a terrifying formidable politician'

The successful Bush Tax Cuts will be compared to the far less successful Obama Spending Orgy.

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