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April 27, 2009


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eh, no one

It's amazing how much inaccuracy is in this post.

-"extraordinary cock-up" - Not according to Federal Aviation Regulations.

-"Air Force One" - No, it was not "Air Force One", not in any way. Do real research and you'll find out real facts. "Air Force One" is a call-sign, it applies to any US Air Force aircraft which has the President on board. President Obama was NOT on board.

-"the jet appeared to be only a few dozen feet from the building — close enough to clip the side of the skyscraper. " - I don't even know where to begin here. One thing is for sure, the witness appears to have a depth perception problem. Has the witness ever been under a 747? Does the witness have one eyeball? The witness obviously can't tell the difference between 2000+ft and 20ft.

-"The construction site as were other buildings in downtown Jersey City, including offices in the Exchange Place financial complex. " - Huh? Well said.

Don't get me wrong, there should have been more public notice, but throwing around baseless comments doesn't help in a world full of sensationalist media.

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