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March 20, 2009


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So much for the recent NYT story that sorta kinda in-a-way implied something dubious about Obama's frequent use of Teleprompters. For people who managed to miss the '08 presidential campaign debates, his "Tonight Show" appearance should reassure them that yes, Obama is indeed capable of coherent expression while speaking extemporaneously.


Oh God. Saw the gaffe after writing first, slightly self-righteous comment, which was based on Marbury's generally positive post. Am rather appalled and disappointed. The uniter, the one who aims to bring together people of all stripes, momentarily forgot that our nation includes people missing limbs and chromosomes and what have you. That must have stung the millions of Americans who live with such challenges and/or have loved ones who do. And I thought Biden was a loose cannon -- at least his only disability-related gaffe so far ("Stand up, Joe!") was due to not seeing a bloke's wheelchair, as opposed to mocking his use of one.

Hey, look, two self-righteous comments on one post. Must be a record for me.

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