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March 05, 2009


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So let's get this straight.

In a time of national crisis the annual convention of the Conservative Political Action Committee -- a gathering by and for Republican stalwarts -- invites Rush Limbaugh as its keynote speaker (an honor last bestowed on then-President Bush). Mr. Limbaugh obliges with 60 jiggling, overblown minutes of anti-liberal, anti-Obama bombast.

And it's the White House that's irresponsibly playing petty politics?

The old political saying is that when your opposition is committing suicide, its best to simply stand aside and let 'em get 'er done. I suppose the White House could be accused of holding the Republicans' jacket as they prepare the noose...but really, until the GOP comes up with another leader, I don't think the Obama Administration is under any obligation to ignore the fact that Limbaugh is, indeed, their most potent spokesman.

(And your Reverend Wright analogy is unfair to both Wright and Limbaugh. The closest analogue to Limbaugh today would probably be Ronald Reagan c. 1964.)

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