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March 30, 2009


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Two points:
1. This account has not been verified from any news agency, the only account available is by one "Catholic news". As long as a Democrat is being mocked, Ben Smith doesnt care, but I think you should.

2. Funny, how it is stated explicitly that "the image was miraculously imprinted" and not "some people claim that the image was a miracle". Can you believe any reputed newswire would go for the first phrasing?


Would this really qualify as a gaffe? Her polite enquiry was due to usually seeing art as a secular matter. It's not like Clinton said something like, "So this is the image that so many gullible sheep believe was divinely made -- oh, and do you serve tequila instead of wine during Communion?" For once, at least, it's not Americans being showcased as pious religious zealots!


Yes I take your points. And in case it's not clear from my intro my sympathies are with Hillary. Just thought it was quite a funny story.


My reaction was actually to the comments section over at Ben Smith's Politico blog, not to Marbury's depiction of the situation. I should have put my comment over there. He's got some unhinged folks writing in about this. It's like, chillax, people! This is not proof of Clinton being the anti-Christ! (The 666 tattoo on her wrist, however, is another story altogether.)


I also get that the story might be funny, but I am not sure whether you are getting the fact that the story might also be completely made-up, not true, false, a lie.


"The US media is already picking up the story, based on one source, of course: the Catholic News Agency. There is, of course, no proof of this conversation having taken place, at all, besides the words of the Catholic News Agency, who, as we just saw, happily reported as fact the idea that god came down with his cosmic oil paints and drew the lady he'd knocked up 1500 years earlier on a cloak for laughs."

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