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March 25, 2009


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The Great St Patrick's Day Teleprompter Massacre brings to mind a press conference once given by Gough Whitlam, Australia's Labor Prime Minister (1972-1975). When appointed PM, he had also taken the post of Foreign Minister and held both posts for the first year or so, until appointing someone else as Foreign Minister. At the press conference to announce this new appointment, a journalist asked the erudite Whitlam who he thought had been Australia's best foreign minister. He answered, "Oh, we were."

The right-wing press reported this answer and the use of the plural as further proof of Whitlam's arrogance and egotism. What they did not report was the smile he gave when answering, nor the great laughter from the press, nor the serious response he went on to give in answer to the question, all of which were evident in the TV broadcast of the event.


Wasn't there something last year about McCain's camp courting Rob Fournier or whatever his name is -- you know, the AP's Washington bureau chief -- to take a job on their side? I think Marbury or maybe Politico posted about suspected rightwing leanings over at AP. Perhaps the confusing report that didn't clarify the joke aspect is further evidence of such bias. Or maybe it was just shoddy reporting that didn't intend to harm.

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