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February 25, 2009


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GROW UP!! Jump on the band wagon and do YOUR part in helping rebuild this Country!! STOP being so negative and tearing down those that are AT LEAST trying to turn things around. CLEARLY the last 8 years have not been doing that!!! Nor do most of the Republicians now, they are just upset because they for once are NOT in control! Well get over it and work together for the GOOD OF THIS COUNTRY - NOT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope most people can see how childish they are being and do not vote them in again. SAVE THIS COUNTRY - NOT YOUR "PARTY"!

Ian Leslie

Well, nice to meet you too, Shirley.


Yeah, Marbury, what are you doing to SAVE THIS COUNTRY?!?!

(Is Shirley actually Private Eye's fictional Glenda Slagg?)

*laughing over morning coffee*

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