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February 22, 2009


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Kyle G

Really? Emanuel calls him "Orz"? I wonder if he's aware that "orz" is internet slang or emoticon (especially in Asia) for "I got really screwed over" or "something terrible just happened to me."

If you look at "orz," the "o" is a man's head, and the "rz" is the body on its hands and knees. The capitalized equivalent is "OTZ."


That is really interesting, Kyle G. I was thinking to myself that 'Orz' doesn't seem particularly inventive or original for the name Orzag; it's so dull that it's not even newsworthy. But maybe Emanuel is playing on the fact the Orzag must be the bearer of bad news all the time, overseeing the budget during an economic crisis and therefore making everyone feel 'orz'.

Now Dubya, he could lay on nicknames, like Stretch for Strobe Talbott. Govern and lead, the man couldn't manage, but creative nicknames, he mastered.

Malthe Sigurdsson

A picture that seems more fitting for the World's "Number Cruncher/Math Wiz/Nerd-A-Tron 2000™"-in-chief here:


(... taken from http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/magazine/2009-inauguration-gallery/index.html?hp that features remarkably direct and honest portraits of "The Obama People" pre-inauguration.)

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