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February 16, 2009


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REAGAN was No. 10?!?!

I just nearly choked on my coffee, reading that.

These historians need to dust off their copies of "The Triumph of Politics" by Reagan's first budget director, David Stockman. The so-called Reagan Revolution is one of the main, deep-rooted causes of today's American (and thereby global) economic mess! Nevermind the Iran-Contra Affair -- we've developed a culture in which former-Veep Dick Cheney felt comfortable declaring, "Everyone knows that deficits don't matter" thanks to the Reagan era.

For that, Reagan should be down there with 43 on this list.


I buy the "deliberate mistake" argument. In theater, there is always the issue of whether to present something as historically accurate or historically inaccurate when the audience is likely going to have the strong pre-existing belief that the inaccuracy is true. If you present historical accuracy in the play, it could knock the audience out of its enjoyment and distract it by asking: Wait, did he just get a fact wrong? This is, of course, abhorrent to theatrical productions.

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