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January 26, 2009


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Isn't the 'unidentified young actress' the Beeb's very well-known Mariella Frostrup?

That said, yes, the thing is sickening, and I didn't make it past 3:00. By that time I was wondering who was behind it. Certainly not the media and message-savvy team that brought us Obama.

I gather that your underlying point is that the ad is counter-productive, that it will dissuade as many as it persuades. Include me in that former group, because nothing turns me off faster than a troupe of extraordinarily privileged people telling me what to do. It's fine when they get together for We Are The World or similar, but when it comes to right living, I'm doing as much or more than they are, thank you.

If they want to persuade me to join their scheme, I'd prefer to hear from Obama himself, and from a group of already committed volunteers from ordinary walks of life. Better that they should all be with him in the White House.

What an annoying, pretentious video.


I sat through the whole thing without puking, which is a good thing. The split infinitives alone (all that pledging "to never" do this and that!) nearly gave me a migraine. Can someone please give me those four minutes and 18 seconds of my life back?

That said, the middle-aged woman swearing off plastic was Rita Wilson -- comedic actress, producer, and partner of an obscure thespian called Tom Hanks.

The presumably young actress who hopes to help small-town kids dream big was Jaime (pronounced Jamie, not J'aime) Pressly, a 30-something actress.

Knowing who all of these nincompoops were makes me feel like swearing off gossip mags and entertainment news. Hence, I pledge...I pledge...I pledge not to spend another sodding penny on OK!, Hello!, People, USWeekly, or similar. (Well, maybe sometimes, but on those occasions I'll smile at my neighbors or plant a tree to make up for it.)

Joe Shmuck

Someone in that video, some bimbo uttered, "Servant to the President," and boy no one noticed....

Where were these people in the past decade?

I pledge not to do coke and weed any more.


Wow you comment people are so hip - on top of everything!
But hey - some young people out there might dig this shit - they not smart like y'all! So what? Is that bad now? This ain't Goebbels! Smiling is a start! Did you watch the people at the inauguration? The New Mood wasn't made in Hollywood - it was made in the streets. Check Bill Cunningham - he got the picture.
Wasting your time on hightone cynicism of this shit - now that's frivolous.
Stick with the main message huh? Not these dumbass commercials - they just a home run derby! Tackle the big issues here comment people - your prez is!
But hey - for the record - you cool - you hip!


Very funny - but a rant of nine paragraphs? I agree its drivel...but nine paragraphs? I'm surprised that you found the time. Absolutely love the blog though.


Pressly it is. Prompted partly by a belated recognition that Frostrup is Norwegian/British. So why would she be doing a promo like this? Doh! Funny thing is, Pressly (1977) looks and sounds a lot like Frostrup (1962).

Watched the whole thing this time, and yeah, there's some really sick stuff, like the guy who wants to serve Barack and kisses his biceps.

What are the odds that this is a hoax, some bit of disinfo?


You folks are acting like Mark MacGwire at a homerun derby - is this commentary necessary? Are you exposing something that isn't obvious here? Stick to some difficult subjects - your prez is!


Having watched this video with great care, I pledge never to have plastic surgery.


Sheesh, Ogilvie, we're just having a laugh!

When people take themselves really seriously, as these celebs seem to do, it's fun taking them down a peg or two. We all know their hearts are in the right place, though. Obama's call to service has inspired them and they are trying to do their part.

What's a homerun derby? I've never heard that phrase before, and then suddenly it pops up twice in one comments section.


Sorry Lyle my dad and I were just talkin about it and turns out we both sent a comment!(home run derbies are baseball contests where contestants hit easy pitches out of the ballpark) And we do love Marbury - he writes some great commentary. Mostly!

Alex Kasterine


The Dandiprat

Who is that dickhead who does all the funk this funk that and kisses his own tats? Him he looks dead hard him.

Understand that I pledge from this day forward, only to evacuate my bowel on alternate days - don't worry this isn't the pooday it's tomorrow - so that together we can make a better future and I love those sweet little buttercups as they sway to and froth on an azure breeze and whiskers on kittens.

Keep the Faith

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