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January 07, 2009


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Tom Grey

Let's see, did World Opinion stop the Killing Fields of Cambodia, 1975-78? Nope.
How about stopping the Hutu slaughter of Tutsis in Rwanda? Nope.
How about keeping the safe haven of Srbrenica safe? Nope.

Actually, has the World Community ever saved anybody?
Maybe East Timor?

Israel can't save itself from an Iran with nukes willing to use them.


I add to Tom Grey - Liberty Dad's list:

How about bringing down the murderous despots of Burma, who maintain an army to control, frighten, and torture their citizens rather than protect them? Nope.

Manny Goldstein

Perhaps more people might trust Daniel Finkelstein if he did not state that the Palestinians have never recognised Israel or its right to exist in peace.

On September 9th, 1993 they did, the U.S. State Department website has the full text here;


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