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January 28, 2009


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Tom Grey

What's really wrong with the bailout is that so much taxpayer money goes to Friends of the Dems. Those that 'paid to play' thru campaign contributions and other such benefits.
The other real problem is that most new spending can't really come in for many months. Months of ... quagmire depression.

The proper ways for responsible Reps to oppose Obama are three:
1) propose an alternate program (e.g. massive tax cuts, or tax holiday -- no collection of taxes now). Tax cuts on business are the main option to increase 'good', private/peace sector jobs.

2) use his own words, and the analysis of his own bill, against him. The bill's analysis says most programs won't have any stimulus for many months. It is fair, thru all those months, to claim that the immediate tax cuts would certainly have been more stimulative than the Dem pork stimulus.

3) point out in advance how the programs will be full of fraud, and waste ... and remind folks of this prediction as it is uncovered in the unfolding of the program. And remind folks about the tax cut alternative as being faster, and fairer, and less wasteful. Also more peace oriented.

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