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December 09, 2008


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Tom Grey

I think you're exactly correct: "that Obama was too cowardly, too keen on staying popular, to make the tough decisions America needs (remember all those 'present' votes?). "

The fact that Oprah was with Rev. Wright, but then left (in 2001? 2002?) should have allowed McCain to mention, again and again, that Obama never fought against wrong powers on his own side.

In talking, Obama was unable to talk Rev. Wright out of unreasonable hate whitey talk. If he ever tried.

And the use of Wright should have been to show how Obama's resolve had been tested, and found to be weak.

But maybe that's mostly moot, now...
The more Obama follows Clinton (and Bush) foreign policies, the happier I am.

My guesstimate at Iran getting a nuke under Obama within 4 years has gone from 20% down to 10% (5% with McCain).

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