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December 06, 2008


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Ah, Youth

I find the outcry and general denouncement of the fellow to be intriguing; apparently the crowd wailing over the objectification of a former presidential candidate via a hand upon the cardboard breast missed the ObamaGirl diaries entirely.

On the other hand, I suspect Favreau in fact to favor the fellows himself. Eternally impeccably-dressed, no girlfriend, well-kempt, and well-versed in the themes of prejudice? Not automatic qualifiers, of course, but it does quirk one's eyebrow (as well as beg the Seinfeild invocation of "Not that there's anything wrong with that!") Were one to choose the conspiratorial lens to view this through, it'd be possible that of all the photos of Favreau scrubbed from the internet, this one was left to dispell just such suspicions.

Or he just got trashed and felt up a cardboard cutout, like one does in one's twenties.

The era of Facebook, though, is going to transform the role of embarrassing photos - either they will become a null point, or a gold standard. I'm looking forward to seeing which way it goes myself.

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