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December 28, 2008


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I disagree with you profoundly here. Contrary to what you have written, we citizens of a republican democracy have every right to know when our candidates for high office first thought of running. If Her Royal Highness Lady Caroline Kennedy thought of running for the second Senate seat in New York only when it appeared that there was would be an upcoming vacancy, then this would provide us with a different picture of her personality and character than if this position was something she had longed to have all her life. At the very least, one would expect a candidate with a long-standing desire to be Senator to have worked for it, for example, to have met with people from across the state, listened to local people, given interviews to journalists local and national, taken positions on issues of local and state importance, argued for or against their opponents, and, very simply, WORKED HARD TO WIN THE JOB. We know what working-hard-to-win looks like, because Hillary Clinton did that in 2000, and she deserved her win. She has continued to work hard for NY as Senator. We also know what a-sense-of-entitlement looks like, because HRH Lady Caroline is showing us that MO right now. And -- If she can't handle one mildly annoying question from her first interview without snapping, then how on earth is she going to survive being Senator for NY?

Tom Grey

Were you as easy on Sarah Palin -- with a media setting out to find 'gotcha' quotes to throw at her? And even preparing an out of context misquote of 'those were your own words' about wanting to be on God's side?

Just pointing out your own double standard on sympathy in an interview.

Did you read that Lady Caroline failed to obey the law about reporting her financial situation? (Excuses offered: was only paid a dollar; she wasn't in a policy making position.)

I do think Caroline did a fine job introducing her uncle Teddy, and the video show of his life did touch lots of highlights.

Ian Leslie

Hello Liberty Dad. Before you accuse me of double standards, follow the link towards the bottom of the post. You'll see that I haven't been so easy on CK. And that I actually made your Sarah Palin point before you did.

Having said that, it's absurd to pretend that little ole Palin was the victim of liberal media 'gotcha' questions. She was kept away from questions most of the time. And when she did answer a few (perfectly legitimate) ones she revealed a staggering lack of knowledge about key areas of the job she was running for. That much is unarguable, it seems to me. Now the campaign's over, perhaps we can agree on that. Or do you want me to post those videos again?

I must say I find the whiny victim mentality of many on the right to be a bit pathetic, and not dissimilar to the tone adopted by certain lefties over the years.

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