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November 12, 2008


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Yo! Welcome back, Claudia Jean.

These are truly super-cool code names, but aren't Renaissance and Radiance similar enough to cause confusion? Like if an agent were muttering into his curly-phone-cord-in-ear-thingy, and if there was a lot of ambient noise, "Renaissance and Rosebud en route to Dupont Circle branch of Burrito Brothers via Red Line Metro," it might sound like the sisters are going solo to get burritos instead of Mom taking baby sister while big sister stays at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to ride her unicorn around the South Lawn.

Claudia Jean

You make a good point, Lyle. Though apparently (I admit that I have been doing slightly too much reading on secret service code names the last couple of days) the secret service don't really need the names anymore - they just hand them out for tradition's sake.

Myself, I am slightly disturbed by the Citizen Kane connotations of 'Rosebud'...

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