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November 15, 2008


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Regarding this:

The one thing I don't quite get is, what happens if Obama fires her after four years? She'll be a mere civilian again.

Suppose he fires her and rehires her?
In other words: Makes her VP in 2012.

Do not think for an instant Barack does not understand the need to groom someone for 2016. It won't be Biden. Being Veep for 8 years and then jumping up to the Presidency is a tough leap. Gore couldn't get do it. Nor could Nixon.

People like change every so often. Being Veep for only four years is an easier leap. The population is not overly bored with you. You don't have to war as much with the "change" cycle.

Barack is shrewd enough to realize all this.
I think we will have our first woman president in 2016.
And it won't be the Alaskan airhead...


Well, I see koreyel's point and it's thought-provoking, but what if Biden serves well and honorably for four years (as most of us quite expect him to do)? Wouldn't it be unsporting for Obama just to put him to pasture?

Regarding Al Gore: He won more popular votes than Dubya and was about to become 43 until Florida pulled a fast one, eventually prompting the Supreme Court to intervene and call off the bogus recount at a politically opportune moment for Bush. Republican abuses of power were rampant (like, gee, what a coincidence that Dubya's brother happened to be governor of the state that called an emergency recount!). So Gore's story doesn't fit the "eight years as Veep makes tough leap to Prez" narrative. "Republican chicanery stole an election", more like.

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