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October 01, 2008


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paul canning

Spot on. how do these idiots change anything (except by donations)? But schulmen's 'great schlep' video? good grassroots campaigning stuff


I don't get the celebrity hate. If it's OK for me to tell people to register, how is it not OK for them to do the same?


Don't be so hard on the famous people - they are making the effort because they think it's extremely important who wins this election [don't you think so as well?] and please lay off the snide critiques of the 'bloody liberal conscience' - your attempt at being Swiftian is painful -


It's not the sentiment or the famous-ness, it's that it's self-indulgently long! Four minutes, forty-five? Jeez. In half the time, the point would be made, they'd all be face-checked, and I'd still be smiling and thinking 'well done'.


I couldn't agree more!!!! It would also be refreshing to hear the celebrities talk about the candidates with some facts. Like please tell me what "Changes" Obama is going to make when he has taken a pass on making any so far? He had opportunity to help Dems make changes in the coruption that has been going on in Chicago, what did he do? He supported the people who have been arrested and others who are being investigated. Even when Dems pleaded for this good old boy politics to stop, he took the safe road. When he ran for state senate his camp had the other Dems signiture ballots thrown out so the incumbant and the other Dems never had a chance to run against him, he was the only Dem on the ticket by an under handed manuever. But I guess he will start reforming goverment once he becomes President. In a sick way I hope he does win, to see and hear the celebrities who have no clue what they have helped get us into will be priceless.

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