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October 23, 2008


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Truly beautiful...


A less moving (but, one hopes, equally telling) snapshot from early voting:

I just got back from voting in Escambia County, Florida. There were about 10 people ahead of me and at least that many behind me in the (relatively) briskly moving queue. About half were African American; about half overall might be considered "senior citizens". One was a Hispanic serviceman dressed in fatigues. One was a Caucasion, middle-aged mommy (moi). Judging from the chitchat as we made our way down the hallway into the voting area, Obama can expect at least 20 or so votes from Florida Precinct 53 today...which is fine by me!


I wouldn't want to tell my grandchildren that I voted for a guy because he was black either. I'd like to tell them I voted for the guy because he was the best candidate for the job and that I wanted change.

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