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October 17, 2008


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Rough Familiarity

If Barack Obama wins the US presidency, it will be for the same reason that Jimmy Carter won -- overreaction against a recent Republican president, like Nixon, who so mucked things up that disgusted voters automatically select the opposite party. And like Carter, once the honeymoon phase is over, Obama's inexperience will cause missteps that swing public opinion against him. Despite his uncharismatic presence, John McCain would actually make a more seasoned and effective leader. Otherwise, in the name of change, America is destined to substitute one inept prima donna for another.

Will bartlett

If Obama can run his presidency the same way he ran his campaign - we have a winner for the country. He has been cool, methodical and strategy driven, never losing his temper. Contrast that with McCain's rash temper and Bush's snickering style - and you would have to admire the man. Besides his speech on 4th Nov which was honorable, there was nothing McCain did that displayed a bigger man. And his pick of Palin proved he has poor judgement. Obama has come across to all as a bigger person, tolerant and smart. Eve in his acceptance speech, he has been humble. True mark of a man. He won 51% of popular vote, the last one to do it was FDR.

He deserves to win. People talk about big government under democrats. But Bush run a 5 Tril deficit in 8 years for nothing. With 3 Tril, Obama can set right this economy besides making it work for all segments of population.

Obama makes this country and its global rhetoric commonsense again. Godspeed to Obama!! God bless America.

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