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September 04, 2008


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awww hell no!


Many of us here hope it is a Hillary and Palin ticket in 2012. In fact, we wish it was that now. Two winners. Yes, opposite politically, but both sharp and strong. Something that is lacking lately in this country.
For some odd reason, Palin took the shine off of Obama, he is almost standing there naked, without the slightest idea what to do next. Palin is smart and sharp, and when the VP debate happens, all hell could break out in the polls. More will be interested in the VP debate then the prez debate, but many many will watch the prez debate because we do not have the slightest idea who Obama is. What I do know I do not like. How could he stay 20 years in a Black liberation church spewing anti-white rhetoric. Doesn't make any logical sense no matter what excuse is given. And some of his best friends and mentors, we are talking bad bad very bad news! What was he thinking??
Frank in Phoenix AZ


a few days ago hardly anyone knew anything about palin either. and i think you have two winners now, you have mccain with a great amount of integrity and looking like he'll be able to hold his party together after the last administration, and you have obama who is smart and clever and has an incredible grasp on how to motivate and mobilise people. either way, you're doing pretty well. if it's hillary v. palin 2012 you have a very similar set of arguments to this time, only hillary is mccain with the experience and palin is the unknown obama-esque fresh face of change.

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