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September 09, 2008


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I disagree. I think people are overreacting because
McCain got a convention bounce and suddenly everyone is acting like the election is over. There is still a bit less than two months to go and I think Obama should be getting to the meat and potatoes. All of the people that were enticed to him originally are sticking with him and all of the independents that he is trying to court were never very impressed with his calls for all-encompassing change anyway... they wanted to hear about the issues. To head back to his vaguer days would be a mistake. It would only emphasise the unease with which many independents viewed him.

It would also bring the Obama/Biden ticket back on par with McCain/Palin, who are now the ones making vague claims. In my opinion, it was good in these past few weeks to add a new face, but as the independents pay more attention and look to the issues, they will realise that no one really knows what the hell McCain/Palin will do except continue the bush legacy.


I agree that Obama shouldn't panic, and forget the issues, and just start talking about 'hope' all the time.

But can't he combine a focus on the issues with the promise of change that is more far-reaching than just a change of party?


i would think if i were biden preparing to debate i'd be pulsing the scranton working class right now to find where their concerns might differ from the earmarked and oil rich alaskans -

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