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August 27, 2008


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Oh, come now! It's not like William Jefferson Clinton, active in politics since he was an 18-year-old intern for Senator Fulbright, was an innocent naif when it comes to the media. If he did not anticipate how the media would take his words, he has dementia.


Well, if he'd anticipated how the media would take his words, he wouldn't have said it, presumably...

You can read the transcript here. It's so obviously in the context of Obama's Iraq record that I can't see how it could be any clearer (it also strikes me as entirely off-the-cuff).


Even if you have a different interpretation, I would say that, AT THE VERY LEAST, responsible reporters shouldn't be quoting that remark without raising the context in which he made it. To say that he made it about 'Obama's rise' as if that's just a known fact is deeply irresponsible.

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