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August 05, 2008


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fixed meanings prevent polysemous readings - which limits the appeal.

So ambiguity has two virtues, or GAPS - a curiousity gap, which triggers action, and open ended identification, or meaning gap, allowing us to project our values into it

rcok on

patrick m

and two connections with Obama are an ape and chocolate?

love it when commentators on ambiguity ignore the elephants in the room...

Laura Winzeler

What a clear, concise and inspiring post. Beautifully articulated. Made my day.

Laura Winzeler

What a clear, concise and inspiring post. Beautifully articulated. Made my day.


You don't see the insult to man-ape-black man??? I am aghast.


When I saw the headline for this post I thought it would be about campaign strategy, namely:

Obama's campaign right now is the gorilla in the first 30 seconds of the ad. Calm, collected, not calling out McCain for all his flubs. They both leave you wondering "what are they doing? why is nothing happening?"

Then just as you're sure nothing is going to happen the beat hits (the convention) and Obama rocks out, throws down and unleashes the music on McCain.

Can you feel it in the air tonight?


I don't consider this ad to be the least ambiguous.

Gorilla = chocolate

Phil Collins = milk

Gorilla + Phil Collins = Cadbury milk chocolate deliciousness

I do find the linkage between apes, milk chocolate, and Barack Obama somewhat troubling, though. Just sayin'.


I'm not sure - his positions are supposedly outlined on voteforSelfProjectedIntangiableVerb dotcom, but I like most haven't 'got round to' reading much of it. So this is a (likely calculated) failure to communicate them rather than an absence of 'change' policy per se.

People bought the chocolate, and I expect they will also eat up the HOPE(tm). That could have come out less racist.

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