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August 30, 2008


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So McCain thinks that Gov. Palin would be a better VP than Liddy Dole, or Kay Bailey Hutchinson, or Condy Rice, or any one of a number of experienced, competent Republican women? It must be very galling for them to learn this.

The selection of Palin has definitely revealed McCain to be either someone unable to think through the consequences of a potential decision, or a performance artist engaged in a subtle critique of presidential election campaigns from within. Her selection makes a mockery of his persistent claim to put the nation first.

I think this choice also reveals the inherent sexism of the 72-year-old McCain. I imagine he's told this former beauty queen that she does not need to worry her pretty little head about national security or about foreign policy, as he'll take care of those issues.


Peter -- I hadn't even thought about Condy. That's a truly excellent point -- if McCain wanted a woman, I can't believe he didn't pick her. (Woman! Black! Foreign policy!)

p.s. you may of course be right about the sexism, but I'm not sure we have any evidence of that.

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