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July 28, 2008


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I support Obama and will vote for him in November, but this kind of thing makes me feel queasy. What is People thinking, splashing the family of one of the two candidates all over the cover?! The editorial staff is declaring their allegiance, I suppose, but this fawning focus shows such a blatant bias that it will turn off a lot of undecided voters who might already feel a tad suspicious of Obamania.

It's a nice idea, seeing the candidates' families and glimpses of their personal lives together. But what, John McCain hasn't got a family or home of his own? The smart, balanced approach would have been a dual-focus cover with a headline like "See How the Candidates' Families Live at Home!" or similar, and photos from both families. Then inside, they could run the two features.

McCain fans deserve to be mad as snakes about this. It's just not cricket. Perhaps, though, People plans to run a cover on McCain's family next week -- ?

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