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July 25, 2008


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Edward Napier

Its a good guess. But I think its too safe to win in November.
McCain should,
A) See who Obama comes up with first (Sun Tzu)
B) Respond swiftly because already prepared
C) With a candidate that would make people wake up. Who would do so? Well, I think any of the following would make people wake up and take notice.

1. Colin Powell
2. Chuck Hagel (I know he's flirting with the Dems!)
3. Carly Fiorina (especially if Obama leaves Hillary nuttin)
4. Michael Bloomberg
5. Fred Thompson
6. Mike Huckabee

Any of the above would be potential game breakers. I admit Pawlenty's a good chap, but like Ted Heath, he's bland. And
Bland won't win against Obama. Notice I exclude Romney - now that man has a character problem!

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