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June 11, 2008


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Candadai Tirumalai

David Plouffe has indeed been a wizard with numbers. Hillary Clinton may have won slightly more popular votes than Barack Obama (the 18 million cracks in the glass feeling she referred to) but this Democratic primary eventually turned on the pledged delegates.


Thanks Candadai. I'm not sure that Clinton beat Obama in the popular vote. There are several ways to measure this (with/without Michigan, etc) and only if you use the methods most favourable to Clinton does she win. On the simplest measure (all votes cast everywhere) Obama edges it.


The fact that he was only 2 delegates out on the Clinton numbers is just scary and also debunks the remarks of Obama limping to the end or Clinton improving towards the end.
also,is it that he is a little further out on the Obama number due to the Edwards endorsment and subsequent switching of delegates

Candadai Tirumalai

Marbury: You are right that the popular vote varies depending on how it is counted. Michigan and Florida became news in this Democratic primary for rather unusual reasons.

Nike Shox Rivalry

we may judge a man’s ability by three things :by what he has done (including the impression he has made on others ),by what he himself appears to believe he can do ,by our own dramatic imagination ,based on his immediate personality ,of what he might do. If these do not agree it is prudent to observe him further.

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