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March 13, 2008


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Jim Godfrey

I think Hilary has been missing a bit of a trick - she has done well at presenting herself as the candidate with experience who could hit the ground running and get on with the job but hasn't managed to use this as an effective attack on her opponents (and if anything its a defensive line against the 'vision and hope' of Obama). Surely she could formulate something which shows that:

McCain is the distant past - old, Republican
Obama - the distant future, young, untested - a candidate for tomorrow, not today.
Clinton - is the choice for today, dealing with todays problems etc etc.

Maybe this still paints Obama as the hopeful, futurelooking candidate, but I think there may be something in it.


Isn't this what Clinton has been doing anyway?

Clinton has been making comments about Obama being a 'young man' with a 'great future in the party', and of course just recently she was dropping hints all over the place about how she could see him as her VP (so Dems think, ah, I can vote for Hillary and get the 'distant future' at the same time).

At the same time, of course, she's been 'ready from Day One', ready for the 3am call, and talking 'solutions for America'. So I think she's tried/is trying this.

But to be frank, it's a bit late for positioning strategy. That game has been played out. Clinton's only hope of winning this now is via tactics, electoral and party tactics. She'll have to duck and dive, or indeed shuck and jive, her way to victory.

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