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March 23, 2008


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Freedom of Speech, it seems, has been narrowed to include only the minorities. If a white minister were to blurt out all of the "racist" accusations that Reverend Wright has done, all hell would break loose. Whites are not allowed to express disapproval of their own mistreatment by blacks. I am white, live in a predominately black neighborhood, and have been a victim many times of racist remarks and actions. In my neighborhood, blacks drive Cadillacs and Hummers and wear mink, while I drive a chevy and wear cotton. Yet, I still hear that the white man is keeping them down. I think it's time our generation stop having to pay for something that happened in the past. MOST whites of this generation have not participated in any racicist activity. Also, I am tired of the term "racist" being used as something only the white man can be.


Where' all her money? Obama's pastor took it all. You owe us for what you heard.

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