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January 29, 2008


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caucus raucous

Dude, reading WAY too much into the "snub". Imagine how awkward that moment was -- do you think it would have been easier for everyone if Obama's shining face was glued to his new best friend's elbow just as Hillary was trying to summon up a little dignity and shake Teddy's hand? More tactful just to quietly step back.

I'm willing to give you a little more room on the "likable" comment, but I still think there wasn't anything mean at play here. Obama looks embarrassed at all the flattery and coughs up a mild defense of Hillary. Not his most on-target joke, sure. But if he had been thoroughly earnest in telling Hillary she was likable, that would be incredibly patronizing. Instead he backhands it, with the premise (as I see it) that of course she's likable. Again, I think it was an attempt at tact.

I gotta get some more of that Kool Aid.


You're right, it may not have been intended as a snub. The Obama campaign has issued two differing explanations. One - from his communications chief - was close to yours, ie that Obama didn't want to be seen 'lording it' over Hillary. The second - from Obama himself - was that Senator McCaskill (another BHO endorser) happened to call his name right at that moment, so he turned around. Hmmm, fishy. But even if it was innocent, point is, it didn't look good.

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