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October 30, 2012


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And bear in mind that the Red Cross cannot use miscellaneous donations of cans and supplies, because it costs too much to sort and transport them: useful donations are cash, blood, and appropriate material that is donated packed in bulk on pallets. In the meantime, Romney and Ryan are ducking questions about their positions on defunding FEMA and are doing a last-minute round of desperate lying about Jeep supposedly moving all its manufacturing to China (along with all their other ongoing lies).

Just to add to ongoing Republican insanity, former FEMA fiasco Michael "heckuva job" Brown criticized Obama for reacting too quickly to the hurricane, and Donald Trump offered to donate $5 million if Obama released his college transcripts.


To add to the surreality, it now transpires that a lot of the donations on display were purchased by the Romney campaign at a local Walmart, lest too few donations by Romney supporters made Romney and his supporters look cheap.

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