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March 16, 2012


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The "obliged to mouth" section in particular is very on the nose. Romney is an old school Rockefeller style republican as far as I can tell; he'll say what's needed to win the primaries and appease the nutty wing of the GOP, but 'mouthing' is what he's doing when he does so. That seems obvious to me, but is it obvious to independent voters and anyone who hasn't read biographies of the guy? I hope so.


"...but it's also a sign that Obama has never really formed a bond with the American people."

Perhaps Obama should note that the trees in Michigan are the perfect height, and that he likes grits, and that he knows the owners of stock car racing teams, and that Bo has also taken a ride on the roof of his Caddy.

That should help the president convince everyone he isn't queerer than a three-dollar bill printed out by a cult known as the Bank-Of-Mormon; and that he isn't a bishop for that laughable angel known as Moroni.

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