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September 13, 2011


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Totally agree. I've watched the last few debates and Romney has become far more impressive since up against Perry. Perry had some good moments too though- he came across as principled and reasonable when being attacked by Bachmann and Santorum, who both just come across as barking. And he wouldn't back away from offering in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, even when the crowd booed.


I sure hope so. I don't get why people like Perry. Well I get why the tea party does. Evangelicals need to look at what they're supporting. I'm one and would never vote Perry. Romney is a much better choice. Although if Obama wants to win Perry would be a good choice. I think Huntsman would be the only candidate who could easily beat Obama but he'll never be chosen. Great for Obama. Not great for Republicans.


The Evangelicals maybe need to change their focus - I am an upper middle class CT woman, and I am tired of being everyone's scapegoat in the culture, as well as being single and 50 because the church guys suck, to put it mildly. All the middle class evangelicals who broke the law by living together outside of marriage, or who were not high achievers, are living a much better life than I am, but that is because they have not lost their lives for Christ's sake. Romney was pro-abortion and is probably pro-stem cell. I am from a preppie background, and we still haven't assimilated non northwestern europeans yet, and even those people are ranked. If the church wants to see the society change, it has to tackle the lower classes, including the minorities, the asian community, the seniors, etc. This election is a joke, and you could see a Romney ticket that will throw social conservatives under the bus - gay rights, partners (what happened to spouses), Obamacare stays, etc. If the Governor of Texas is a real slimeball, then let him eat cake, but if he ain't, that is not fair that he is doing Romney's dirtywork. I am annoyed with the church.

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