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August 24, 2011


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Totally agree with you about not being filled with confidence, and the tone of much of the reporting is irritating too. Like the writers think they're in a book, as opposed to preserving some sense of detachment.

Every time I've read a story about bullets being fired in the air, I've thought, what kind of utter half wit would do that??


I imagine China is already in there waving cash around?


>> Studies suggest that, although the velocity of a falling bullet is lower than that of one which has just been fired, it is still sufficient to be fatal.

To clarify, the speed of a bullet fired from an AK47 is around 2400 fps (feet-per-second), whereas that of the same bullet falling from the sky is roughly 280 fps.

However this applies to bullets fired straight up - bullets fired at an angle will retain transverse momentum and are much more likely to be fatal.

As to wether falling bullets with no transverse momentum are fatal, studies are inconclusive. This is a good source:

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