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July 24, 2011


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Thomas Ogilvie

Strange. When I first heard about the attacks, *I* immediately thought that it appeared the work of a right-wing 'Lone Wolf'. At that time, the media were suggesting it could have been Islamists. I mention this because it surprised me that anyone could have thought otherwise. Targets of a governmental building and a left-wing summer camp don't exactly smack of Islamists.


WOW, this is stunningly ironic and the fact he doesn't seem to see it that way is tragically funny and exposes his hatred of Muslims quite plainly.


Crazy name, crazy guy. (Really Ian, sometimes you spoil us.)


Just to be clear - Mr Craze doesn't exist but is a product of my Crazy Satirical Imagination.


And of course, the last time that parts of Europe were under threat of Islamic occupation, all we ended up with were croissants and Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turk". Who knows what horrors would be inflicted upon us all if, say, the Islamic Secularists currently running Indonesia were to also run Europe?

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